Dearest Friends in Table


Round Table Northern Cape Area, in collaboration with Round Table Southern Africa, is extremely proud to present and host ARTSA 2018, to be held at Protea Hotel and Oasis; Upington

This prestigious event will take place on the 12-15 April 2018.

We as Round Table Northern Cape Area, aim to host the most enjoyable, most affordable and most memorable ARTSA that RTSA and RTI has ever seen. We are known for our hospitality, friendship, fellowship and having a good time, so I am sure that we could look forward to having a dazzling time in Upington.

This is the time where we as fellow Tablers catch up with old friends, meeting for the first time.

This is the time for fellow Tablers and Friends to exchange ideas, regarding their community, their Country and International relations.

This is the time for Tablers to sit back and relax and be given a small something in return for their commitment, sacrifice and service towards their country and community throughout the year.

This is the time for all Tablers, from every walk of life, colour, creed and race, to take a stance and make a difference in Southern Africa.

This is OUR ARTSA Gentlemen! Only You can make it happen!

We call on all Tablers, Nationally and Internationally, to come and enjoy the warm hospitality and friendship at ARTSA 2018 in Upington and receive the benefits of belonging to the most amazing organisation in the world; RTI and RTSA


See you at ARTSA 2018


Yours in Table

Hilton Megaw

ARTSA 2018 Convenor