As per Constitution, ARTSA Convener has to submit his audited financials to the Association Council to be ratified and passed at 2nd Association Council meeting. This found myself and Johanita, traveling to Carletonville on the 24 August 2018 for this specific reason. This trip would also serve as a double whammy, by being part of Carletonville 50, 60-year celebrations.

It was an honor to have seen Carletonville clubhouse, with so much history behind it and hear stories from 41’er from days gone by. Saturday’s meeting went down smoothly as expected and ARTSA 2018 audited financials, were voted in and accepted with an R26,949-83 surplus. This would not have been possible if it weren’t for the dedication and hard work of my convening committee. Thank you Gentlemen! This was your ARTSA! You made it happen!!


Hilton Megaw

ARTSA 2018 Convener