On the 16 March 2018, 7 Bloem 25 Tablers, under the Leadership of Des Williams and Lihan Kriek, set out to raid Douglas 224 for their monthly social get together. With this whole raid being of short notice, it soon turned into a mass cross border raid, as Douglas 224 invited neighbouring Tables to join in on the fun. Prieska 161 and Postmasburg 153 replied and fellowship was on the top of the list for that evening. It is really encouraging to see that guys form different areas are willing to do cross border raids and we hope that this is the start to many social get togethers between Bloem 25 and Douglas 224. The night started off with getting to know each other, but it soon turned out to be a joyous occasion with a lot of laughter and singing! Thank you JC!!!! Despite Bloem 25 having to attend their AGM weekend the following day, they still managed to make time for their fellow Tabers! Bloem 25! We salute you and thank you for your friendship!


Hilton Megaw