This year, Douglas 224 had two delegates attend ARTSA 2017 in Vanderbijl. Having Hilton Megaw as the incoming ARTSA 2018 convener, it was decided to attend all activities at ARTSA, to observe and learn! All Forums were attended, AGM and obviously the evening festivities at the Hardcore!

Our newly inducted Chairman, Michael J Jacobs, has returned with new energy and insights as to what and how he should run his Table for the year! The forums are a vital part in the day to day running of Table business and we urge all delegates to attend these discussion forums at ARTSA 2018 in Upington.

We just want to use this opportunity to thank Spidey and his team for putting together such an amazing and unforgettable ARTSA! In our opinion; Artsa 2017 has topped the charts and has gone down as the most memorable ARTSA’s ever. Wel gedaan Vrystaat! Julle manne is Ysters!