On the 2nd of April, 9 Namibian Tablers from Windhoek 34, Hoghland 154 and Walvis Bay 36 arrived in Douglas enroute to ARTSA 2017- Vanderbijl. After travelling for over 13 hours (1350km, they finally arrived) and kept to their tradition of including Douglas 224 on their Croc tour. This year was the 3rd time that Douglas 224 has hosted the Croc tour guests.

This year the croc tour decided to stay a little longer and experience what the Douglas 224 Tablers had to offer.


Sightseeing was the order of the first day (Confluence of the two largest rivers in South Africa; Vaal and Orange), visiting the largest Friesian Stud farm (Pela Graca) and glacial pavements, followed by a lot of fellowship, with sundowner cruises on the Vaal river and of course the typical Northern Cape bonfire and braai!


The following day was spent relaxing along the banks of the Vaal river, Go- carting, Skiing and learning the hard way; How to play “Rat Tails” I think Jens van Vuuren still bears the scars!

We also had the opportunity to induct our Chairman as a Buffalo Member! Welcome to the buffalo club mr. Michael Jacobs!


Before embarking on their final journey to Vanderbijl, we spent some time and watched the sun set from a Koppie, overlooking the Douglas Valley. Thank you to the Namibian Tablers for taking time to stop over and expand the friendship bond between us!



Hilton Megaw