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Douglas 224 hosted Windhoek 34 en route to ARTSA 2016 in Margate. They set out to do a Croc tour and decided to travel down through Namibia and visit Tables along the way.

This trip came to me as quite a surprise, as I was only expecting them to arrive on the Monday. I had all my dates messed up and got their whole stay over organised within 2 hours.

It was well worth it, rushing around, finding accommodation and organizing food and drinks, because what followed, was an amazing start to ARTSA 2016. We showed them all the tourist parts of Douglas and low and behold, there was a local rugby tournament on the go, just as Windhoek 34 arrived. They were treated to real local hospitality and got to get to meet some of the Douglas folk. Later we traveled to my farm, where we all jumped aboard the barge, for a very late “Sundowner”, as the sun had already set about two hours ago. Never the less; It’s the thought that counts and fun was had by all.

It was great catching up with NARTSA Convener, Philip Barnard and his wife Jolize and as well as Ernst “Ertjie” (Incomming Area Chair- Namibia) Even our In-coming Area Chairman, Tjop de Vries, was pleasantly surprised, when we happened to bump into him in Douglas. (Dankie dat jy saam met ons gekuier het Tjoppa)

What great people these Namibians are; To Jakes, Ian, Shanti and Tammy. It was great meeting you all and I do hope that this is the first and not the last time that we see you guys in Douglas. You guys are always welcome!


Hilton Megaw