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Werner Labuschagne and I traveled up north to join in on Augrabies 273 and Upington 79 AGM and Induction dinners.

What a stately affair! Augrabies outdoing themselves once again with a 3 course meal and great fellowship at the Augrabies Falls Hotel. Paul and Jandri Dippenaar were our hosts for the evening and treated us like Royalty once again.

Thank you Paul and Jandri for your hospitality!

Congratulations to AD on being elected as Chairman and to Coert for being elected as Vice Chairman.


The day after, we found ourselves heading towards Upington, not only to raid their AGM, but also to look at possible venues for ARTSA 2018. I was pleasantly surprised as to what Willie Gresse and Louis vd Waldt had in store for us. Well done chaps on a great presentation.

After looking at all possible venues for ARTSA 2018, we headed of to attend Upington 79’s AGM. After a great meeting, we dressed in our best and found ourselves on the banks of the Orange River for their Induction dinner. I have to admit that it has been the smartest Induction dinners that I have ever had the privilege to attend.

During the dinner, Jan van Heerden (Outgoing Area Chairman) inducted Chris Voges into this incredible Association.

Welcome Chris and Marelise. May this be the start to many great years in Table and thank you so much for your hospitality while hosting us during our stay in Upington.

We also said goodbye to two great Tablers, as they leave as 41’ers. To Ockie Thomas and Pieter Dippenaar. Thank you for your time and dedication. RTSA will sorely miss you. Enjoy your retirement!


Hilton Megaw