Its a landmark year for Douglas 224. Aside from all of exciting yearly projects, this year marks the 10th year since its recharter and the first RTNC area conference for 2019 is being held in Douglas early June. It is fitting then that Douglas will have a new clubhouse to call home shortly. The tablers have been hard at work renovating old farm-laborer housing generously provided by Michael Jacob’s on his farm Nuweland just outside of Douglas towards Prieska.

Electricity, paint, doors, windows, blinds, counter-tops and furniture are already in progress with the rest to follow shortly. We are very excited about the prospect of our new home and the opportunities it affords us to host not only our own business meetings, but because we are situated on the bank of the Orange rivers excellent amenities for entertaining tablers from all over the country and world. We are even thinking about moving the finish-line for our popular “anything that floats” event held in November to the clubhouse lawn which has the makings of a massive party.

Bear with us, its early days yet but we look forward to you hanging your banners on our newly painted walls during your visit in the near future.