Project 1

The project started 25 January 2018. The first trip was to the very dry areas of Boesmanland in a area called Gamoep. The farmers of Vaalharts irrigation scheme donated 7 interlinks of feed.


Above: Feed loading


Above: The morning we started

Above: On our way



Above: Feed offloading


Above: Fellowship at Gamoep

Project 2

The second project we send 2 interlinks to the dry areas of the Eastern Cape and 6 interlinks to Boesmanland with a project value of R518 833.50.

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Above: Feed been loaded for Eastern Cape


Above: Fellowship with fellow tablers on the way and farmers at Boesmanland


Above: Offloading at Boesmanland

Above: When we got there the farmers of Boesmanland gave Harts186 sheep to thank us. We sold the sheep for R72 456.00.

Project 3

Project 3 we send the following:

  • 4 interlinks to Warrenton where the was a lot of veldt fires;
  • 8 Interlinks to Jansenville; and
  • 2 interlinks to Aberdeen.



In total we donated 22 interlinks with a project value of R1 369 994.50 in the 2018/2019 year.

The project is not an once off, it is still going strong. We as Hartz186 would like to challenge other Tables to assist us with fund for transport. The farmers in Vaalharts and surroundings are still donating feed, but the transport is our biggest challenge. If you want to find out more feel free to contact the project convener Michael Donaldson at 082 856 1784.