This year, the twinning agreement of the longest standing tradition in RTSA, went slightly pear-shaped, due to our commitments and duties towards our ARTSA 2018 in Upington. NNCA and NCA decided then to allow for a visit sometime, somewhere during the year to carry on with this amazing twinning agreement.


The weekend of the 19 October 2018, Werner Labuschagne (Honourary member- Douglas 224) and Hilton Megaw (Joe Tabler- Douglas 224) packed their bags and headed towards Richards Bay for the NNCA Spring Area Conference. The Friday evening we met up at the local Ski-boat club and had a great time, socializing and braaing together. In true 4F’s style, the party never ended there and all in attendance ended up at Kevin Boonzaaier’s home for an after party. Well, let’s just say that the Northern Cape counterpart, never had sleep for over 24 hours that day!!!!

The following morning, we headed to the NSRI headquarters in Richards Bay, where the NNCA conference was to be held. Here we had a tour of the sea rescue vessels of which one of them; being sponsored by NNCA, the Spirit Of Round Table II. NNCA also used this opportunity to donate a further R112,495-48 towards the NSRI. A promotional cheque was handed over to the NSRI before proceedings got underway. It was a great privilege for me to open the NNCA Area Conference once again; (Third one in my Table Career), having the honour of seeing new members being inducted (3rd time for Martinand meeting old friends and meeting old friends for the first time. The NNCA hospitality was top Notch!!!

After all the formalities were over, we raided the In-coming NNCA Area Chairman, Kevin Boonzaaier, as per tradition and headed off to a very secluded beach, accompanied by Boela Bekker (4F’s tour Convener) and Peter Harding (41’er’s President). Unfortunately, the weather was really bad and Boela’s plans to go crayfish diving ended up as just a braai on the beach, but not even the weather could keep our Fellowship, friendship, Fun and fraternity bonds from being formed. Thank you to those three gents for making that tour unforgettable.

Time was running out and we had to head off home to get ready for the Sat evenings festivities.

We all got together for the ‘Ship Wrecked” theme party at ‘The Last Outpost” restaurant, owned by past area chairman and good friend of ours; Mr. Carlos Ehlers.

The Northern Cape contingent, unfortunately, did not have the “Paddy Whacker” to hand over to Mr. Francois Minnie and we had to improvise; We thought it good to introduce the 4F’s Quaich (purchased on our way to Richards Bay), where the traditional bottle of Johnny Walker Green label, would be decanted in and consumed as a fellowship drink at the close of the evening proceedings.

Werner and I would just like to thank Francois and Monise Minnie, Boela Bekker, Kevin Boonzaaier, Peter Harding, Hubert Beuken, Jacks Almond and the rest of the NNCA for their warm hospitality and opening their homes and making us feel so at home. Thank you all!!!

We had such a great time, and ended up staying an extra day to celebrate Peter Harding’s birthday in true 4F’s style.

Thanks 4F’s! Until next time; Give it Rondels!!

Friendship, Fellowship, Fun, Fraternity!!


Hilton Megaw