What a Great Kalahari Hunting trip this was!!!


Augrabies 273 and Villiersdorp 227 have had a twinning agreement between the two clubs for ample amount of years now. Villiersdorp invites Augrabies in the summer months for a Fishing trip, it rarely happens that any fishing takes place due to “Weather” constraints.

Augrabies on the other hand invites Villiersdorp for a Hunting trip in the winter, this always ends up as being one of the highlights of both tables. Hunting does take place as the “Weather” never plays a roll on a Hunting trip.


This year we were fortunate enough to have fellow tablers from Prieska 161 join us. This was only a pleasure having them on our twinning agreement. Prieska however did show up that day as most of the biltong Hunting was done by them, every shot perfectly executed. I could say the same from our table but we were driving the vehicles that got them so close to the animals.


Overall is has been an experience that all three Tables enjoyed and next year we will make it even bigger.